Tuesday, 24 March 2009

out and about

Mostly been doing a bit of fitness work since the CWIF, linking problems on the bouldering wall and a few routes in there it seems to have paid off. Had a trip to Woodwell, did Nuclear Transplant, a nice bit of 'crabbing' at v12. After warming up on sections of it sent on my third go, slipping out of a tenuous toe hook the first few goes, found some different beta and sent next go. Sean got it on video, i'll get it up as soon as poss. Flashed Not bad Dave too, a nice 7c at Woodwell far right involving a bit of hugging in a roof.
A visit to an unseasonably dry Malham, resulted in a lot of sunbathing for most of the afternoon, until it cooled down a bit, before a quick assault on Magnetic fields, John Dunne's 80's test piece. I sent it on my fifth redpoint after frustratingly fumbling the jug a few times, not bad for my first 8b, i really should try harder on routes!
Anyway its the annual trip to Birmingham this weekend for the second Skymasters. This year its based on speed, head to head races which should be exciting and completely open!

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