Wednesday, 16 April 2008

First round of the World cup

Off to Austria tommorrow for the first round of the world cup in Hall near Innsbruck, hopefully my arms will be a bit more cooperative and the split in my finger will be ok.

Qualifiers are on Friday, semis and final on Saturday. You should be able to watch online at and search around a bit unless your deutsch is better than mine!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Competed in the climbing works international festival at the weekend, qualifiers went well finishing joint third and our team living up to its name coming in first, with Jordan getting a perfect score, Dan putting in a fine hungover performance being joint third with me and Leah winning the womens.

The semis didn't go so well :-( seems i'm still struggling a bit with some plague which won't go away! Topped the first problem on my second go and then got past the bonus hold on my first go on the other three but my forearms just didn't want to play, all very frustrating! landed up in 8th place.

Ohh well at least we won the team event, making me a litle bit better off!