Tuesday, 20 April 2010

one or two things

Plywood masters

Last Saturday saw the annual Plywood masters at Boulder UK, After the qualifiers i was in first place, but with Nige looking strong and Ned always capable of pulling something out the bag the pressure was still on!
I flashed all five of the final problems to take the title for the second year in a row.
It was nice to feel strong in a comp again and am now motivated to train for the first round of the world cup in a three weeks time.


Monday and Tuesday i was at the recently opened Harroagte climbing centre to do the first re-set of the bouldering wall so there are now 50 new problems to test yourselves on, get down there its well worth a visit.

A bit of trad pottering!

Saturday i decided to dust off the trad head and went off to Burbage south to find some cooler temperatures and found the conditions to be really good, having warmed up on a few easy routes we did the knock, then i on-sighted Nosferatu, which has amazing moves on really positive crimps, a bit like a limestone route really! Then it was down for a classic fight with Goliath, which i found surprisingly easy, and not much of a fight at all if you just go for it! Finally the draw of Messiah was too much it looked like my kind of climbing and decided to go for the flash(nearly on-sight but it was well chalked and i have seen video footage a long time ago so not much help from that!) Turns out it was my style as i powered through the crux some of the best moves i've done in a long time. Mr Messenger was on hand to take a few photos too.
Not a bad day really E6 on-sight, E7 flash and not a pad in sight!


Yesterday i set the downstairs bouldering area at Manchester climbing centre so more problems to test your monkey genes on.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


The third skymasters was last weekend, thankfully the spinning planet of doom was now fixed meaning more of a straight race across the suspended boulders in the sky. Saturdays Qualifiers saw me land up third fastest with a good draw for sundays knockout rounds.
I seem to have been fighting the dreaded man flu for a week or two now, and it seemed to affect my ability to campus through moves, not good when its quite often the quickest way through most of the skymasters course! I managed to speed my way through to the semi's with my feet on, where i met eventual winner Rob Mackenzie who proved just too young and quick, leaving me in the climb off for third against Adam Watson, a particularly rangy beast from the north east! I lost the climb off by just one hold in a very close race finishing in quite possibly the worst place in a comp 4th! All still a great fun though.