Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Need to do some training!

After the disapointment of traveling half way round the world to get one bonus hold in Vail (although the problems were hard) it was back to Fiera for the third world cup in as many weeks. I was a bit more positive for this one the chief route setter being our own Jamie Cassidy.

Well i thought wrong! For the second comp ever i didn't top a single probem! although i did drop the top of three problems! Time for some power endurance training i think.

Here's me about to drop the top of the third and probably the hardest problem!

Following a string of disapointing results i have decided not to do the next round in Montauban to concentrate on the BBC in three weeks. On with the training!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Vail dude!!

Had a chilled few days in vail acclimatising, getting over jet lag and being sarcastic to over friendly Americans, they really don't get it!.
Gaz had to get some oxygen.............. yes it is actually real , air in a can!

Finally get to climb tommorrow, hopefully the wall and mats will dry out after a day of rain and drizzle.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

BWC - Vail

Have arrived in Vail for the next round of the world cup, with a very confused body. it is currently about 6 in the morning here having been awake for the last two hours! I'm sure i'll get used to it soon enough!
The flight over seemed to go very quickly as Gaz and i were very entertained by the American version of the innovations catalogue. (we were on a plane for 10 hours!)

Monday, 2 June 2008

Lazy route setters!

Finished in 21st in Grindelwald, just about the worst place to finish! should have been 20th and in the semis only the route setters didn't take some holds of the wall from the womens problem and didn't tape the out of bounds so the Slovenian lad Blaz managed to go up the womens problem and back to finish on top of the mens! Hats off to him for doing it but he shouldn't have had the option on a problem that no one else topped out.
Here's a pic of me flashing the first problem.

Stu climbed really well in the qualifiers finishing third but slipped to 16th in the semis