Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Saturdays Cwif was a mixed affair for me, qualifiers went well, finishing in third place for the semi-finals. The semi's where incredibly frustrating as i felt strong but only managed to top out one problem, finishing in 11th. I miss read the second and just did not feel like i had enough power endurance on the third or enough recovery for the last problem. I'm not sure whether i was not fit enough or i just hadn't eaten enough during the day. But at least i now have something to work on in the five weeks before the first round of the world cup in Switzerland.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

MCC new problems

Finished filling in the problems on the bouldering wall at Manchester climbing centre yesterday, after fridays final bouldering league. Loads of new problems up to test you all out.
The leading ladder also started on saturday so dust off that rope and get leading.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Font video

Finished editing the footage from font check it out

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well font could best be described as mostly moist and very frustrating as it only rained at night with the days being nice. Still managed to do a few things though, mostly on the same day. The highlight being Beaux Quartiers at Rocher Bouligny, one that i,ve tried a few times but always been thwarted by wetness before. So after despatching that i thought i'd try the moves on Gecko, Five minutes later i topped it out, almost slightly disappointed at how easily it went, but still a great feeling to do such a good problem although probably only 8a in my book.
I'm currently editing together some video footage from this trip and my last one in October, to create my own font four, which will hopefully go up on Vimeo sometime in the next week.

Back to setting this week with a lead ladder and the final round of the Manchester bouldering league to set in two days and then some last minute training before the CWIF next weekend.I seem to be climbing well considering quite a long running finger injury hampering my training plans, but that seems to be better now so fingers crossed for next weekend.