Sunday, 14 February 2010

finger injury's christmas and work!

well that just about sum's up my last two months, after hearing my finger go crack at the start of December it has been a frustrating few months of not really training, coupled with a good bout of man flu after Christmas which just would not go away! The finger seems to be coming good again now so i can get back to pre-season training.
January seems to have been dominated by some much needed work, with two lines on the main wall at Manchester followed by a couple of weeks at the new wall in Harrogate due to open next week, and then the February bouldering competition at Manchester, meaning a whole new batch of problems down at MCC from tomorrow night when I've finished filling in the gaps.

I've even managed to sneak a few days out on the rock and don't seem to have lost too much of the strength I'd gained before Christmas, just a little finger strength. Got a nice day out on Wednesday last week at Trowbarrow, flashed Iron man stand up, 7c, and the did the sitter 3rd go after a frustrating slip at the start, originally given 8a, but probably 7c+, see vid below.

Off to Font for a week on Tuesday, so hopefully might finally do Kehops.......but probably not as there has been shed loads of snow out there! watch this space